Nova Omega hails from the Blue Ridge Town Of Asheville, North Carolina. Forged by a fusion of influences such as Rush, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, All that Remains, Gojira, and Nevermore; Chris Townley (lead guitar) and JJ Townley (rhythm guitar) create a heavy yet melodic experience along with blistering fast, and technical leads. Nestor Idler (lead singer and bassist) joined the duo in late 2019 adding in his smooth melodic sound stemming from his unique, powerful voice being influenced by such bands as Killswitch Engage and Disturbed. After a few lineup changes, in late 2020, Adam Lunsford (Drummer) was added bringing with him fast and technical drums being influenced by Pantera, Gojira, and many others.  In an extensive search in 2021 Nova Omega finally found Garret Gibbins (Bassist) who not only brings a melodic groovy feel, but is also technical and able to follow any lead thrown at him adding a new dimension to Nova Omega's sound. Nova Omega is finally complete merging different backgrounds, similar passions, and determination; setting out to create a musical experience that is unique and of their own. With melodic guitar rhythms and technical leads played by JJ and Chris, mixed with the melodic vocal style of Nestor, Garret's groovy and technical bass style, and Adam's powerful but jazz like drums. Nova Omega is creating a sound that is unique in the Alternative Metal genre.

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