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About Us

Nova Omega hails from the Blue Ridge Town Of Asheville, North Carolina. Forged by a fusion of influences such as Rush, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, All that Remains, and Nevermore; Chris Townley (Lead Guitar) and JJ Townley (Rhythm Guitar) create a heavy yet melodic experience with blistering fast and technical leads. After a few line up changes, in late 2020, Adam Lunsford (Drummer) was added to the mix, bringing with him fast and technical drums influenced by the likes of Pantera. Kyle then joined (Singer, Producer), introducing a more modern rock and pop influence into the mix, being inspired by the likes of Red, Breaking Benjamin, and Flyleaf. Finally, to round out the lineup, Puck (Bassist) joined the band, bringing a creative and dynamic songwriting mindset with him. 

With this foundation, Nova Omega was born... Merging different backgrounds, similar passions, and determination; the band set out to create a musical experience that is unique and of their own. With melodic guitar rhythms and technical leads played by JJ and Chris, mixed with the soothing yet strikingly gritty vocal style of Kyle, Adam's powerful but jazz like drums, and Puck's creativity, the band has forged a dynamic and powerful sound that is unique in the Alternative Metal genre.

MERCH - Coming soon!